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Day out with the The Shoot All Ballers…

Shoot All Ballers haven’t officially been  on the scene for that long, The name is derived from the founder, Benny rees’s photography, Shoot All, which has been running for a few years now. Ballers, really describes, the network of very close friends that share the same passion for modified (JDM) japanese cars. Be that a … Continue reading

Style And Comfort…

Here we have Luke’s Toyota JDM BB one of only 2 in the UK, this car has been built from the ground up from a standard car, with the help of  a few friends and is own hard work…. It’s handy owning a paint and body restoration work shop, with easy access to ramps and … Continue reading

The Nightkids JDM London part 1

In July at Drift All Stars London Round 2, I briefly met the Founder of NightKids London Kai Foo, and also had a run with Mya from Mya import babes at the event too. I Didn’t really think much of it back then, not knowing that Kai actually was the founder or even who Nightkid’s … Continue reading

Chilled Out Sunday with the Teg boys at Bristol Quay

I been looking forward to this May Bank Holiday Sunday for a while, mainly due to work being real busy and I just needed a rest. With the weather being so crap lately I was really asking myself if the rain will hold out for this photo shoot or not? Come Sunday morning the weather … Continue reading

Doing It Right Lil’s EF

EF one of the cleanest examples  in the South west. I had the privilege to do a little photoshoot a Month ago seriously the back streets in Weymouth have some epic shooting spots Check out her name subtly modded in to the rear  LILest 😉 Lil’s car boost lots of style and will be a … Continue reading

Andy’s JDM Eunos

I,ve been to lots of great shows this year, it’s been an epic year to say the least and have seen many of the UK’s best  cars that have braced the car Mag’s on shelves. Theres one car that is always sitting pretty and looking Balla it’s gotta be Andys Collins Eunos 1.6 Import. Being … Continue reading

96 spec R JDM DC2

We all love a Jap import! The Integra Type R began its Journey back in 1995, coming out in Japan domestic market first, then hitting EUDM and USDM shores soon after. It was built by Honda as a sports saloon that the common could afford, boosting near 200ps from its B18CR 1.8L DOHC Vtec engine … Continue reading

Brett Coopers EP3

What are the chances of meeting another show civic owner on a hot summer’s day in Taunton, This is exactly what happened. I was off work and on my way to a JDM way of life shoot when I Spotted Brett coopers one off civic.  So let me introduce you all to Brett Coopers civic … Continue reading