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2012, Photo shoots

The Nightkids JDM London part 1

In July at Drift All Stars London Round 2, I briefly met the Founder of NightKids London Kai Foo, and also had a run with Mya from Mya import babes at the event too.

I Didn’t really think much of it back then, not knowing that Kai actually was the founder or even who

Nightkid’s London were.

It was only after the  the success of my pics from the Drift all stars event, we got talking about cars and JDM stuff, via the social network site Facebook, I decided to find out more, which undoubtedly  ended up in our first collaboration between him and I.

we set a date, he provided the cars and i came downtown  London Style to see whats up !!!

The Weather wasn’t great on the day but that didnt stop a good turn out as the location was the underground Graffiti tunnel under waterloo station.

The first point of call was Ace Cafe London, which is renowned for its American style themed cafe, but much more so for the car clubs that exhibit there every month.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of new faces and few of my friends there too, namely Dan Fegent,  and Mitesh Tailor, who came to support the hook up.

After the meet and greet at Ace Cafe we convoyed to the shoot location. Traffic was manic in central London especially on a wet rainy sunday. My sat nav took me through the busiest route as per usual so i arrived late.

I took a few snaps whilst everyone was still cleaning their cars……. I love my 8mm fish eye haha

Bobby Valentino’s EP3

Dixon Cheng’s S2K owner of DMS Racing…

A clean Example of an FN2 pssst this ones got a punch to it.

Clean Ek by the stand daily crew

If you ever been there before you will know that the Graffiti tunnel is a tight squeeze for  10 cars or more, we had 14 turn up that day, so with a bit of careful manoeuvring and  organisation between a few us we cleared the end of the tunnel for the first pics of the day..

Its not often i shoot models if not ever, when kai sd he would bring a model down i was a bit nervous to say the least, as i dunno where my eye’s would be looking haha. But i think i got there in the in the end

The lovely Mya with Dixon Cheng’s S2K

Dixon’s twin came along too

The Stance day boys were on top form colour coded..

Sufian Honda accord ❤ it and the wheels oh yes

Other JDM cars included a very nice supra



Finally a very clean looking Eclipse

All these awesome Jap cars make me want to finish my DC5 of soon ready to 2013…

This was a awesome meet met plenty of new friends who i will see agn for sure. Like Kai sd we made a bit of JDM History there that day. The full Set of pictures will be on my Facebook page

big thanks to Kai and all his efforts, Mya for being an excellent model through out the day.

Thanks  to Mitesh for shooting a short film and Dan for coming along and shooting behind the scene..

Shout out to the boys and girls from the Stance daily crew you guys are crazy funny lots of laughs..

Listen out for updates on Part 2 in November.

thanks for reading

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