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Chilled Out Sunday with the Teg boys at Bristol Quay

I been looking forward to this May Bank Holiday Sunday for a while, mainly due to work being real busy and I just needed a rest. With the weather being so crap lately I was really asking myself if the rain will hold out for this photo shoot or not? Come Sunday morning the weather was awesome, nice and dry and overcast perfect weather for shooting during the day.

In the morning Baz dropped me text saying he spent all day cleaning his Teg the day before and that she’s ready for the shoot, so I replied I’m busy today sorry mate!! But I’ll see u at 11 🙂

I so wanted to see his reaction to my reply!

The drive up to Bristol was nice except I got stuck behind the usual Sunday traffic not that great when I only really drive the Teg Sundays and really wanted to open that k20 up on the fast A roads to Bristol 🙂

I arrived the same time as Dean and Baz arrived even though I was stuck in traffic.

The First spot we hit in Bristol was the Arnofili Art’s Exhibition Centre. I totally did not anticipate that it would actually be that busy, so a massive fail my me.  But with three Honda’s parked up we kind of made our own arts display with many passers by taking pictures on their phones.

One couple walking by stopped and the lady went, look hubby the tyres are touching the arches, the husband replies its on air ride the lad doesn’t drive it that low !!!

That conversation made me laugh so much and Dean had to explain that  this is a daily and its static FTW

After a quick cleaning session! Well mainly Baz cleaning all the flies of his bumper we took a few snaps.

Whilst taking a few snaps a homeless guy decided he wanted to steal my Domo!! pahaha noooooo but he returned it after he knew it belonged to the chinese dude for what ever reason that  was.

After a few more snaps the place got really busy

We headed over to the next location over the river by millennium square, we managed to park right on the Quay next to a German beer festival and no we did not drink and drive !!!

We probably would not of got in this location if the beer festival was not on!  After a few random quick snaps I decided I really wanted to try this sunglasses shot so I went for it.

I think a lot of people were thinking what’s that guy doing. But the shot was well worth the effort to set up and came out how I wanted it.

Lunch went down a treat in spoons, we were happy as we parked for free on the quay with a security guy watching our cars. Not often you get that service in Bristol.

Location three was the library by college green. Such awesome location and the fish eye proved its worth here.

The last stop on our journey was small graffiti tunnel just outside Bristol the area was a bit rough so we did not hang about long.

Overall a awesome day out with the Honda boys plenty of good food nice cars and the babes oh wait there were non, but roll on Jap fest in a week

Thanks for reading.

See you all at Jap Fest 2012.



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