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2011 end of year recap and a Big thanks for all your support.

 2011 has been a great year for Jdmwayoflife and Chansphotography

This is is the year where the Car scene truely inspired me  and brought about this blog and my photography


The first Calender Event was Japfest held Castle combe

 What an epic day this was ! lots of side ways action and hot import metal on show.


Jap Photo Shoot in Dorset

 A great day with a few mates and few nice Jap cars.

In the same month Chans Photography was officially launched

we celebrated by upgrading to a Canon 7d @ Chans Photography HQ along with the Launch of Jdmwayoflife Official blog.

First offical event coverage in association with slammed car club

Haynes Fastnmodified Action day 

 First event of its kind supported by locals for Charity.

Brett coopers Ep3 official feature on

 Wicked car and top fella !! check out his feature in the car section now!

this was my first outing with the canon 7D too !


July seen me travel the country to some very good meets 

Honda Ace Cafe Meet

here i met the main man behind Adam Ivell a truly talented individual

he now writes for Total Honda now

South Mimms Part 2

South Mimms Part2 was epic the weather was boiling as always, and I met Mark Loony another talented photographer from the London area. this was a where his Fast Car feature took place with Mark Steinhart.

have to say, Cars were fresh KFC was good, Ice cream melted.

and we can’t forget Marks epic Burp that silenced the whole of the service station for 5 seconds haha 

Friends meet and chill in Poole

Right at the height of summer chillin at Sand banks with chums with a pint and a photoshoot what more can i say best day in a long time Benny and John have great cars repping the JDM scene and are awesome friends to have!


JAE Kettering

I was a JAE virgin till now, never been on a all out Camp Jap car show before

was fun to hang out with civic life and chums epic banter and lots of drinking, eating


camp fires

 Fyse I love your DC2 hard parked ❤

Jdm All Stars and Helluflush UK 

First time at the Drift Champs in the Uk it’s such a big sport now and the talent from the drivers 

is amazing.

The atmosphere that the drift champs brought to wembley Arena was spectacular.

Hellaflush Uk 2011

For the first time held in the Uk its was pretty successful, although not as major as seen in the US.

Players 5.0

The cars at players were amazing, most of them have been feature cars the quality and variety was phenomenal. 

I’m glad the weather held out for the show! the show was so unique being located on a 

airstrip with 2 aircraft hangars 


South Mimms Autumn (end of year meet)

What a meet to end Honda culture’s year off! as you can see the weather was nice and dry for a late october plenty of sick rides and catch up with awesome friends

Stanceworks Ace Cafe.

Stanceworks Ace Cafe was real nice friendly meet and was my last and final major meet to end 2011

So this is where i thought the year would end but it only just begins! i got scouted by Chris from Fastnmodified through my facebook Photography page and was asked to join the freelance team?  I was like are you kidding me? but no joke? i can say i am now part of their team and my first big shoot was Adam’s Bora comin out in the Jan issue of Fastnmodified.

I wish all my friends great a 2012

Where I promis you all i will bring you all the latest and best’s cars to you all




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