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Andy’s JDM Eunos

I,ve been to lots of great shows this year, it’s been an epic year to say the least and have seen many of the UK’s best  cars that have braced the car Mag’s on shelves.

Theres one car that is always sitting pretty and looking Balla it’s gotta be Andys Collins Eunos 1.6 Import. Being an automotive photographer is great you get to meet so many people, share banter, and who are passionate about their cars.

 The Miata known to our US peers or the Eunos to the JDM import fans, was first lauched in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show adopting a FR layout, in the Roadster/sport car class. Coming direct from the Mazda Japan at the heart of its Hiroshima Factory you know your in for a quality built motor.

Andy has spent only 6Months on this project, buying it pretty standard sat on Rota’s. Since then he has spent a small fortune on it bringing it to its new found glory.

 So Andy what got you into the whole car culture modifying scene?

‘’ Well Fastcar magazine really got me into the whole modifiying scene along with all the shows! It all started many years ago! I have collected every issue since I started collecting’’

Where would you say you get your  style and influences from?

 ‘’The style of mx5 is 100% American – jap spec! A lot of influence comes from the stateside Hellaflush stance scene. Boso influence adds a twist to my style as well it’s nice to be a bit different.

 I heard you had plans to tidy body work and go for a full respray over winter, any hint as of what colour yet?

 ‘’ I dunno who told you that but? But yeah i am.  I’m still choosing paint colour at the moment!

Any future plans?

‘’Well I just got my new boso pipes fitted and I might go for some mad Arches? Who knows?’’

car spec  list

 Eunos 1.6 Import

 Rolled arches!

 Raceland coilovers / helpers out unsure of exact measurement. LOW! lol,

 Garage vary front lip

 Satin black boot plinth/ US plate & frame

 Yellow HID’s

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