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Hella flush UK & Drift All Stars 2011

Drift All Stars does not need much of an introduction after its success in 2009, hitting the headlines every year since!  2011 was bigger as All Stars Drift teamed up with Fatlace to hold a very Exclusive Stance show and Drift competition. No doubt this brought hustle and bustle to the city stadium of Wembley London.
Arriving early to this event and already it was getting busy. With many cars already parked up and on show. The pits were real busy too, mechanics running their final checks and tuning while the qualifiers began 

I spent most of the morning mooching around soaking up the atmosphere checking out the pits and others cars from the Hella flush show. From the few shots I did take.

It was nice to catch up with Vince from Aatomotion who was with Paul Cook, covering a film and exclusive photography for the event.

Check out his latest video from JDM All Stars & Hellaflush now in the videos section.

The RC Drift cars stand, where enthusiast were drifting there 1/10 scales replica RC Drift cars round a purpose built track, this was wicked.

Soon the morning soon past with the qualifying heats over and things did start to heat up with the top 32 & 16 battle duals well under way. 

The forecasted Rain managed to hold out with only a light scattered shower which made the ground damp but didn’t stop the top 16 duals go any slower if i might say there was even more sideways action going after the rain. The sun came out too after hiding behind the clouds most of the afternoon. Perfect picture time. 

2 low civics 🙂  

Sorry for the lack of coverage from the Drifting as I don’t have a Long Zoom lense yet but heres a few I did manage to take.

James Deane in the Low-Brain Drifters PS13 Silvia

The drifting results

First place went to James Deane in the Low-Brain Drifters PS13 Silvia above, second place went to Michael Marshall in the MnM Engineering S15 Silvia, and third place went to Alan Sinnott in the Hankook Tire SR20 AE86!

The overall champion results 

The overall championship results were announced last. Third place was awarded to Walton Smith in the Japanese Performance Parts Subaru Impreza, second place went to Nigel Colfer in the Marangoni Tyre S13.5, and first place, as you already know by now, James Deane.

So for my first time At JDM All Stars it certainly won’t be the last. I look forward to see more of this sideways action next year. The Hellaflush  show went well with some nice quality cars on show, it will only get bigger and better in the future years to come.

Great show with great drifting from the worlds top class drifters awsome finish to the championship.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Hella flush UK & Drift All Stars 2011

  1. Awesome day. Really enjoyed it, some very nice cars, great scenery and amazing drifting. Some sweet pictures in there and once again a great write up Ben. 🙂 No photo of the Fiesta slammed on bags though!!!! 😦 haha.

    Posted by Andy Brockway | October 11, 2011, 9:15 pm

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