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Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2011

Once Again held at Wick steed Park, Kettering Northants. 2011 beings its 16th year running, having built a name for its self as the largest gathering of Japanese cars, clubs and scenes in the UK, attracting all major car clubs.

Starlet owners club, Mr2 owners club, Type r owners club, Civic Life, Honda culture, The orient academy (TOA), Just to name a few.

The turnout of cars was amazing, from top quality show cars, to tuned daily drives was amazing. This was my first year in attendance and I already can’t wait till 2012.

The location was really easy to find easy access from all over the UK, being close to many major roads. Onsite facilities were good, hot showers and clean toilets. So arguably the best Car camp festival you can want.

Friday was when most car clubs arrived early to set up there stands, ready to party in the evening, the weather was amazing, even though the weather did forecast drizzle it held out fine.

The park its self was massive, with clubs and stands split into 2 sides of the park.

 Most of Friday night was spent with the Civic Life lot who took me in and gave me a home and fed me, as well providing the epic laughs and random banter.  

 Saturday Morning was a wet start as it had rained over night and the ground was damp but the weather brightened up throughout the day. So I went on a scout with the camera for some Japanese talent. Ironically enough I didn’t have to go far!! 

Del Sol stand.  

The Orient Academy (TOA) stand.

  Type R owners club. 

Starlet owners club.

 Skyline owners club.

Nissan Sylvia FTW


Not only did the festival attract cars from all around the UK but word of JAE is now well known in Europe as well J my Favourite car was a Euro Hatch with every detail well thought through and put together to produce a stunning stance car.


I finally got to meet Dan Fegent, automotive photographer who’s a freelance and is the author, official photographer on Fitted life.

 Please check out his work @  &

This show has been by Far my favourite Show yet, plenty of quality Jap metal to feast your eyes on, and this year a lot of people were running low low cars with stance,

Minus the nasty speed bumps and weathered road in and out of the park this would have been a 5* weekend.

Definetly will be back Next year big Time.

For more pictures visit chans photography/facebook.


Thanks for reading……



One thought on “Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2011

  1. BYS FTW!

    Posted by Benny | September 29, 2011, 10:42 pm

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