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Car shows

Wilton House super cars 2011

This car show was my first year in attendance saw a flyer in a local newspaper. I was very eager to attend this event, as I missed Good wood earlier on in the year and I love my super cars. Actually cars in general are enough to get me excited.
I was a bit sceptical about the weather as it had been raining all week up until Saturday. But turned out be a scorching summer’s day to say the least.
Once again this was fairly local event for me in Salisbury just down the road from cider country.
The drive down was awesome no traffic until we hit the event traffic where we were held up for about half hour, finally rolling into the gates at 10:40am. Things were definitely heating up by this time as the morning mist and clouds cleared and revealed nothing but blue sky and sunshine.
The location was huge with Wilton House sitting pretty in the back drop. There was such a big turn out it was amazing.
Phil and I soon pin pointed Benny’s location and headed over to the Mercedes stand one of many car manufactures that were on show.
Moving further into the Wilton House Premises, we were greeted by a few Classic cars as well as a few Modern day head turners shall I say?

 These cars were awesome and it’s not even the main event yet 
Soon it was lunch time so we chose to picnic with bacon cheese burgers hmmmm nice.  In the Q Benny made acquaintances with rather a unusual looking chap, who job was to ban those people who even attempt to Q jump. I must say he did do a Good job.

Soon after we had an Ariel stunt display to mark the opening of the main event no Pics cus my baby lens was too small. 
Time for the main event with masses of people getting there spot for the super cars sound off. But we were pre occupied by the full carbon Zonda sitting pretty in the gardens. Man I fell in love with the carbon and the car 😉 I think Benny filled his memory card up with pics lol (Quote this is my all time favourite car) 

 Time for the Super cars rolling in

The Amount of cars that rolled up on stand for the Sound off was amazing, so many super cars in one place at one time.
Highlights of the show, was to see so many awesome cars, that I can’t even ever think of having the dollar to purchase. Sitting in one of my many all time favourites the Nissan GTR 35 the exact one that was tested on Top Gear vs the Jaguar XKR where the GTR35 total wooped its ass.
My jaw dropped after finding it was 2k for ½ yr road tax for a new Lambo !!!!
Have to say was an amazing day with some great people. 
thanks for reading.
for the full album of pics please visit chansphotography on facebook


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