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Devon Car Show July 2011

Waking up at 6:00am on a Cloudy Sunday morning for this show was a tough call, as I had a long week at work and hardly any sleep the night before from Saturday in the takeaway. You all know what your local Chinese is like on a Saturday night, Packed I tell you.
I had this show in mind as soon as I heard about it, so bought 7 stand passes straight up. Devon Car show is one of the Most Local car shows to me where this year was the third year running for me.

I managed to round an awesome stand of Honda and VW cars thanks to the supports of my friends.
I was late for once in my life after telling the others to be on time for the first convoy  ironic really hehe. But still managed to find time to sneak in a MC Donald’s Breakfast 
The Convoy down the A303 was awesome 7 uniform cars each bearing their own tastes and styles.
Justin doing his special brup brup brawwahhhhh overtaking us all in his epic Fd2 and Aims chasing him down in her Rotrex charged S2k.
Sometimes I wish I could be driven to cars shows so I can capture the convoys in action, any takers??? Haha.   
Finally rolling up to the show ground with clean shiny cars which soon changed when we were told we had a parking spot on the grass Lol . Wet grass and clean low ride cars don’t mix.
Soon after parking up Quin mentioned if we were in the right spot? The spot was marked Wheel Power, I was like we’ll be fine!! Until wheel power turned up and everyone named and shamed me haha, so all our nice JDM Angle parking was wasted, I just thought it was well funny (good times)
As the morning went on the weather dried up but was still dull. So no good for a photographer where lighting is the key to photo’s, I scouted a few good looking civics on the way in so I introduced myself to Chris and Steve from the cornwall area, both sound guys!

lewis’s civic been on the scene for a while now, its been a long build and finally looking clean 

Charlies civic is pretty new on the scene but is lookin dope as ever not bad  for his first Jap ride.

Walking around with a camera in your hand makes you so many more friends at shows, these days. People asking you what magazine you shoot for and stuff or a nod which is their queue for please have a picture of my car,
The show consisted of some nice ride for example a very low riding Honda Sedan which I Knew Freddie w would love, so I was obliged for a cheeky few pictures. 

Sticker Bombing was back, but there were some epic fails at that. This years show was somewhat not as good previous years, but the Jap scene is kind of taking over the world with fresh looking Honda’s pop up everywhere!
Vince from Aatomotion was there selling his Uber nice Large window stickers, I was the first to buy and 4 others followed suit which was cool. Aims took the longest deciding where to put hers but the lads agreed on a place real quick and it looks sweet.

Brett Coopers Civic was reppin the  Jap Scene too. Be sure to check back for a full feature of his awesome looking show car soon..

The Show ended on epic high chillaxing with My Awesome  friends was a great laugh peoples… 
As always plenty of photo’s to edit and some new people on my FB List. 
A bit of Drama unfold way home, Aims tyre came off her wheel, luckily she was not hurt and the car was not damaged in anyway. Ended up getting my thinking cap on and doing my part time traffic control job ! coordinating traffic  round a blind corner where she broke down. the AA eventually came and saved the day, and we stood by and supported her. ok the she was 150 quids down for a new tyre change but i think she found a bunch of gd friends that will help each other when they are in need.  good job guys !!

Thanks for reading…..         


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