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Ace Cafe Endless Horizon Motorsport Honda day July 2011…

After South Mimm’s 2 back in June and making lots of new friends from the Honda crowd I was yet again invited to a more exclusive, meet at cafe Ace in London Whoop J
However there was one drawback, it was a Saturday night, problem being I help in my parents Chinese takeaway you all know what Saturdays nights are like at your local Chinese
(Hectic as you can imagine)..
None the less I sweet talked my bro Phil to work extra hard that night for me. He wasn’t convinced but I made him a good deal…
2 days before, I was frantically trying to organise a convoy with the Bournemouth crew and finally decided that Fleet was the best place Again. Down the M3 for them, A303 and M3 for me:
 The weather was awesome again so I could sense a great night ahead of us.
We met up at Fleet for 3:30 pm so now the convoy was Rob gent’s (S2k), Benny (Del Slow),
John’s (ukspec Dc2), Tom’s (Honda) and my Slow Ep’2 Lol’s great convoy I’d say.
The stop at Fleet was short but sweet, short stay but lots of sweets.
Cafe Ace was only an Hour away from Fleet services, so a chilled approach was taken (Aka) Saturday London traffic was Building up!!
We finally rolled into Ace at 5:25Pm later than we expected only because my Sat Nav  reading skills are not the best at times which added 10-15mins on to our Journey.

Adam and his mate who rides Shot Gun all the time were the only ones there, he must have come really early, and he got a good parking spot too, right by the Cafe Entrance.
I was expecting there to be lots of cars there already!  John and Benny were on the guest list whilst Rob and I parked up JDM style over the road.
The first or hour catching up with a old university  mate of mine Asif that works in London who came down to say Hi because he somehow heard I was in the Neighbourhood, ‘’I was like how? Hmmm FaceBook … ohhhhhh…. I was still keeping an eye out for Hondas rolling in at the same time.
The Meet did not really start till around 7:30pm TBH that’s when most of the cars were rolling in and it didn’t stop!! By this time Rob and I got a guest Parking spot in the exclusive zone after Rob sweet talked the Parking patrol

The car Park soon filled up with the likes of Sunny’s Accord Type R, Some Nice Ep’s, Loony’s retro Civic, A Sweet NSX, finished in white.

The Atmosphere was great we had a couple of Dj’s playing some banging tunes throughout the night. Big Thanks to DJ Shaf, who plays on Passion FM and is a resident DJ at the EGG Club in London.  Also Special thanks to DJ was Rude Kid for the grime/dubstep.

Moment’s to remember, the Endless Horizon girls with practically every guy chasing there tail.
Lots and lots of nice rides; Good Music throughout: Loony and Ash running round like press Photographers trying to get the best coverage. Big Shout to Dav for and Civic Life again… 

Thanks for Reading…..


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