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South Mimms Part 2 July 2011

South Mimm’s 2 has been a  long anticipated wait for me, as I missed the first Mimms meet that was back in April.
I very nearly missed this one too due to the lack of  an induction filter 2 days before, but John Boakes saved the day by lending me his spare and with a quick trip down to Halford’s I manage to get a descent  Rip speed mushroom filter.
The day started by a nice Long drive on a sunny Sunday Morning  from the heart of Somerset to meet my fellow Honda heads Benny Ree’s and John Boakes in Ringwood Near Bournemouth. The drive down  was a breeze  because the roads were real quite due to the fact that half of the people down south had been partying hard the previous night..
Next stop was Fleet Services at 1pm to meet more fellow Honda Drivers from the Civic Life Forum. By this time I was feeling rather hungry and could murder a KFC, not surprising after just having a coffee for breakfast. Sadly there was no time to waste it was a quick meet, greet and fuel fill where John nearly covered my New shoes and chino 3/4’s in high octane LOL’s
( Fuel isn’t cheap John he he…) trying to reach the 40litres so he could use his coupon.
Leaving Fleet service station was crazy, every Honda would hit vtec whilst passing which left fellow service station user in shock from the noise.
Finally arriving at South Mimm’s after a 140miles trip it was well worth it
John, Benny and I broke the first rule at the meet that clearly stated no JDM style parking but we weren’t in anyone’s way so we did just that. I scouted a few friends of mine Mark loony, Ash and Adam from for a quick catch up, before getting  some finger licking chicken.
The weather was scorching hot  and had to be the hottest day of the year so far, not that I’m complaining.  That was my queue to get a mango Solaro from WHSmith’s.”The funny moment where Phil opened his Solaro ad practically threw it on the flaw LOL’s”.

 You probably read enough of my blurb now so I’ll let the pictures do the talking….
Big Thanks to Civic life for organising this epic meet . Nice cars nice people.
see you all at the next one on October the 2nd 2011

Thanks for reading…..



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