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Photoshoot in Dorset….

During the Awsome summers weather we been having recently, Hugo organised an all Jap photo shoot at a few locations in Dorset Namely a industrial estate with an old rusted truck and Pen Mill. I was kindly asked to take a couple of pics with my DSLR. When I turned up it was Nice to see a couple of Nissans a Mazda aswell as the usuall Honda’s im used to seeing

First Stop was the Industrial estate with the old rusted transporter, what a wicked backdrop and I took a couple of really cool shots using my wide angle lense.

This location was Awsome, although the dead bird that Benny found inside the truck was rather nasty. The truck reminded me of a prop straight out of Resident evil…. but still provided over an hours worth of entertainment for us all.

Liam started to get a little bored  as he was the only mazda driver there, so  I turned my attention to his awsome drift spec FC3. Talking to him i found out that he owns a parts company Dashimoto :)….

Very nice engine bay with what liam sais is a small turbo.

 A few final shots and of we headed down the road to Pen Mill the last stop on our Grand Tour of Dorset 🙂

Benny Nice Del sol AKA Del Slow

Arival at Pen Mill we were greeted by Glorious scenery, so we made the most of it chatting, Hugo making us all laugh and Aims having non of his piss takes. Good times

Some of us Fell in Love with  the FC3 well i totally did… some say that this beast is now tuned and is pushing over 300bhp nice.

Talk about blocking the road guys, !! I think we did a good job

Big thanks to Hugo for organising this adventure 🙂 and I met some really nice people. Bring on the next adventure.

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2 thoughts on “Photoshoot in Dorset….

  1. "although the dead bird that Benny found inside the truck was rather nasty"Of the avian variety one would hope…Nice shots as usual Ben, you should link your photography page on here somewhere (if you haven't already).

    Posted by Lucy Chambers | July 19, 2011, 5:43 pm
  2. yes lucy the avian type lol 🙂

    Posted by Ben chan | July 20, 2011, 3:48 pm

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